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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

ATTENTION All Gay Catholics...

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Attention all Gay Catholics, please help get this message out. Forward it to everyone you know.

For those of you who struggle with homosexual temptations, 'The Catholic Knight' offers his sympathy. We do not choose our temptations in life, and it is well known that sexual temptations (of any kind) are some of the most difficult to resist. To those of you who have used the disciplines of Catholicism to resist and overcome your temptations, 'The Catholic Knight' congratulates you and admires your courage. To those of you who are still struggling, and find yourselves falling back into homosexual sin from time to time, 'The Catholic Knight' wishes to offer his encouragement to keep trying, reminding you that victory only belongs to those who refuse to quit, and that continued efforts to resist homosexual temptations will eventually be rewarded. (If you're experiencing homosexual temptations, you can find help here.)

'The Catholic Knight' also wishes to remind you that homosexual temptation, in and of itself, does not make you a "bad person" because temptation, in and of itself, is not a sin. If Jesus Christ (God incarnate) himself could be tempted by the devil, then none of us are above temptation. Our temptations do not define us. Our temptations do not determine who or what we are. Our temptations are nothing more than that - just temptations. Rather, we are defined by our choices in life. Sin is always the result of choice, not temptation, and it is our choices, not our temptations, that define who and what we are.

For decades it has been in vogue to make the Catholic seminaries a place for men with homosexual temptations. At first it was believed that this was just an American problem. However, recent revelations would seem to indicate the problem was universal. We do not know the reasons why, but perhaps some people mistakenly believed the priesthood would be best for such people because of the celibacy rule in the Roman rite. Perhaps it was mistakenly believed that men who struggle with homosexual temptations will never overcome them. Perhaps it was mistakenly believed that such men could never have a normal life - a wife and a family. Perhaps it was mistakenly believed that homosexual temptations were intrinsic to one's personality, that it defined who they were, and it could never be outgrown or corrected. So of course, these people mistakenly thought a normal life was impossible for them, and they should be put away in the priesthood, where they would be forced to live in celibacy.

Likewise, as this was going on, there were some men, also having homosexual temptations, who recognized in the seminaries a place of ample opportunity to act out their homosexual temptations with other men who may be struggling to overcome the same temptations. Such men became predators in the seminary, seeking to take advantage of those men who were attempting to use the celibacy discipline as a way to overcome. Many of these predators went on to become priests and were assigned parishes. Many of these same predators sought out young impressionable teenage boys (between 11 - 17) to act out their homosexual temptations. As a result 80% of all sexual abuse in the Catholic Church was the result of such predatory homosexual priests. This is a statistical fact. It cannot be denied. This is what happened. It is also true much of the cover-up that occurred in the Catholic Church was the result of homosexual blackmail, as some bishops, and their assistants, were threatened to be "outed" from their days in the seminaries should they report the abuse. These predators made victims not only out of those teenagers they abused, but also their fellow priests, who at one time or another struggled with homosexual temptations. Now this does not excuse their cover-up, by any stretch of the imagination, but it does help to explain some of the reasons why it happened.

That was then and this is now. Times have changed and so has the Catholic Church. The vast majority of abuse cases happened in the 1960s through 1980s. Since then the number of abuse cases has dropped rapidly, starting in 1981, and as of today that number is at a pre-1950's level. There is a reason for this. In 1981 Pope John Paul II appointed Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF). Ratzinger promoted a zero tolerance policy toward homosexuality in the priesthood, consistent with the historic tradition of the ancient Church. The result of Ratzinger's efforts were so successful that in 2001, Pope John Paul II delegated the ecclesiastical appeals of all sex-abuse cases to the CDF of which Ratzinger was head. According to canon lawyers this was a breath of fresh air as such cases immediately thereafter were handled with speed and efficiency. Then in 2005, after Ratzinger was elected Pope Benedict XVI many of his reforms were written into Church law including zero tolerance of homosexuality in the seminaries - which includes faculty, students and other staff. Under Pope Benedict the seminaries have effectively become "no gay zones." The only way a homosexual can get into a seminary now is to LIE about his homosexuality, thus basing his entire priestly vocation on a falsehood. No, this is not ever going to change, certainly not after all that has happened. The statistical facts are undeniable and open for all the world to see. When homosexuality was tolerated in the priesthood, incidences of sexual-abuse and cover-up skyrocketed. Once the Church returned to it's ancient policy of zero tolerance, cases of sexual-abuse and cover-up plummeted even faster than they rose. The numbers don't lie, and they tell the whole story.

The message that needs to be understood in the homosexual community is that the Catholic Church has become a zero tolerance organization when it comes to homosexuals in their leadership. Of course that doesn't mean that gays can't be closeted, but it does mean if they ever come out of the closet, they're done! Their career in the Catholic Church is over and they can go find a job somewhere else. This is how it is now. The Catholic Church has been permanently wounded by it's unofficial experiment in homosexual leniency and it has learned a painful lesson. It will not change it's zero tolerance policy now, not after everything that has happened. If this seems wrong than blame the mainstream news media, for no other organization, religious or otherwise, has ever been so heavily criticized by the press for this problem than the Roman Catholic Church. Such heavy criticism has made any form of continued leniency impossible.

People who struggle with homosexual temptations will always be encouraged to resist and overcome them in the Catholic Church. Likewise the Catholic Church will always stand ready to assist them in their struggle to resist and overcome those temptations. This however does not include putting them in positions of leadership where they can be unfairly tempted and/or blackmailed.

There are those men who struggle with this problem who also have an overwhelming desire to become priests. Now that the Catholic Church has returned to it's ancient policy of zero tolerance, it will no longer be a hospitable career choice for such persons. Those who insist on becoming priests will have to look elsewhere, like The Episcopal Church for example, where homosexuality is not only tolerated but celebrated. Other mainline Protestant churches are following this trend as well, such as the Lutherans and Methodists, and we are even seeing the early signs of this trend developing in some of the Evangelical, Baptist and Pentecostal churches.

The message that needs to get out is as follows. Because of everything that has happened in the Catholic Church, particularly the sex-abuse cover-up scandal and all the unprecedented media attention, the Catholic priesthood is no longer a hospitable environment (nor has it ever been) for men struggling with homosexual temptations. In fact, if you happen to be one, and you seek Catholic holy orders, you may even run the risk of being labeled as a sexual predator, even if you aren't one. As sad and "unfair" as that may be, it is the present reality, and after everything that has happened, it is not likely to change anytime in the foreseeable future. The long and short of it is this. If you have homosexual temptations, and you feel like you MUST be a priest, then the Catholic Church is not for you. Please seek a priestly vocation elsewhere, somewhere where they will not only tolerate but celebrate your homosexuality.


Tabitha said...

Yes I agree and I have read the news of the vatican being slammed for blaming gay priests. and i myself have been tempted and fell before i became Catholic though i didnt have homosexual urges I was tempted by a guy it took about 2 years to recover. But this is not only the work of the media and the Free Masons its the work of the New Order Movement AKA the Illuminati

Laurence England said...

Hi Catholic Knight

If what you say is true then it is a gross injustice, since while it is true to say that the Church has been inflicted with a wound by homosexual priests who lack self control, there are, I am sure, plenty of Priests with that orientation who are as chaste and celibate now as they ever have been.

Anybody with any orientation is tempted and that goes for heterosexual Priests and Priests of a homosexual inclination.

The grave scandal of 'leniency' has been caused by liberalism which infected the Church in the 1960s. It is liberalism which has led to the watering down of Church teaching on sin and salvation and led to a whole generation of Priests who believe in neither God, Heaven or Hell, their actions in their ministry demonstrating this quite obviously.

Please do not assume, also, that all homosexual persons are in the homosexual 'community'.

Anonymous said...

I'd be careful with this argument. As some of the leaders you admire are suspected to be gay. 0 tolerance is not going to happen until these Cardinals and Archbishops are defrocked.

CatholicMomof6 said...

Sir Knight,
You are accurate and very charitable. Once a person self-identifies as homosexual, that person has moved from temptation into sin. Fact. A person who has NEVER engaged in a homosexual act is NOT, by definition, a homosexual. That person my be influenced or tempted by thoughts or desires that are homosexual in nature, but that, as you say, really means very little. However, I do believe you are missing the broader picture. The psychological community made a flip flop in the mid-sixties. Prior, men who entertained such thoughts or fantasies were viewed with suspicion and concern--therapy was warranted. Once the sixties were in full swing, the psychological community embraced the "true self=sexual expression" theory. They truly started to believe that people with sexual "hangups" went on to be abusers. This attitude, to some degree, still prevails. The heirarchy of the Church was similarly influenced. The experiments from the sixties have proven to be a dismal failure. We will continue to dig up from the abyss for many years to come. As for the homosexuals in the clergy, a return to pre-conciliar conditions has been warranted for quite some time. Self-identified homosexuals have no place in any position of power or authority at all in the Church. They should be like the rest of us--working out our salvation with fear and trembling.

Peter said...

Anonymous is correct. From "inside" information I have, the very top echelons of the Vatican are dominated by gays. It is almost a "secret club" Charges have been made that Paul VI was an active homosexual and was being blackmailed. Rooting them out at the seminary or parish level won't solve the problem. Another interesting fact is that many gays are attracted to the traditional rites ("more lace, more grace") since it is apparent that the novus ordo is feminized. From reports, the european FSSP is heavily infested with gays, as are other "independent" groups.Seems only the SSPX boots them out, but even there, there have been some falling through the cracks. Pete Frey

Peter said...

However, one other point to keep in mind, not all gays are pedophiles, and as Mr Knight said, many also struggle to overcome their temptations.

The Catholic Knight said...

More than a few bishops, archbishops and even cardinals are suspected of being gay. Most of them have either retired or are near retirement age. One example was Archbishop Weakland who publicly admitted his homosexuality after many years of hiding in the closet. This was the same Archbishop who failed to defrock Fr. Murphy, the abusive priest who allegedly molested some 200 boys at a school for the Deaf. Weakland also failed to report the abuse to the Vatican for twenty years, not until Murphy was in frail health and near death. Was this a form of protection? You decide. Was Weakland being blackmailed? You decide. We may never know for sure but it does look suspicious. Weakland was later forced into early retirement in disgrace by none other than Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, Prefect of the CDF, who is now Pope Benedict XVI.

It may take years to root out all of the homosexuals in Catholic leadership, but at the same time, the Vatican is NOT on a witch hunt. If homosexual priests are truly celebate and keep their homosexual temptations (orientation or whatever) quiet, they should be fine. It's only those priests who come out of the closet who are in any real danger of being fired. In other words, if they call any attention to themselves, they do so at the risk of their careers.

Abusive priests, (homosexual, heterosexual or pedophile) will be (have been and are being) fired, turned over to authorities and defrocked.

Yes the whole thing is an injustice on so many levels. It's unfair to the victims of abuse. It's unfair to the Church in general, especially faithful Catholics who never did anything to bring this shame upon our religion. It's unfair to priests in general, 95% of whom are innocent and yet suffer for the crimes of just under 5%. It's unfair to priests who suffer from homosexual temptations, yet have successfully used the discipline of celebacy to bring those temptations under control. There are so many ways this is unfair. Nevertheless it is the present reality. What has happened has happened, and thanks to an unfair amount of media criticism, the Church has returned to it's ancient practice of zero tolerance toward homosexuality in the leadership. That will not change anytime in the foreseeable future, thanks to the disproportionate amount of bad press. For no other organization in the world, religious or secular, has ever recieved more criticism for this problem than the Caholic Church, even though the problem is bigger in many other organizations. Based on this unfair standard the media holds the Church to, homosexuality will never be tolerated in Church leadership again.

Anonymous said...

I agree whole-heartedly with everything you have said Catholic Knight. God bless!

Anonymous said...

Sir Knight, correct. it is an unfair double standard, since by and large the media has accepted homosexuality as an "alternate life style" The problem however, is (I may have said this in another post, so please excuse the redundancy) that the church literally handed this issue to the media and civil law on a silver platter. Even ONE coverup or ONE priest allowed to continue in ministry is one too many, since we do hold the priesthood to a higher standard of morality than say, a public school teacher. A deceased archbishop of my archdiocese once said he would excommunicate any catholic who would dare sue the church or go public. Thankfully those days are gone. We must not pretend that this problem only developed since Vat II. Read Randy Engles book "the Rite of Sododmy" which documents homosexual priests as far back as the 1600s. But the Knight is correct: for the good of the church ANY man with homosexual tendencies (even if he never engaged in any activity or did so as a teenager) MUST be barred from the priesthood. NO EXCEPTIONS. Pete Frey

Anonymous said...

Sir Knight

While we are on the topic of homosexuality, something has come up on the North side of the Border.

In a nutshell, some teen in his freshman year, suspected of being gay due to wearing a pink shirt was bullied on his first day of school in Nova Scotia. Two seniors went to a store and bought more pink shirts and tanks in response and gave this kid support. It has never been confirmed whether the kid in question was gay or not.

While I'm all for supporting the fight against harassment in the form of bullying and I know the two teens' initial intentions might have been semi-noble, I am not sure whether this day should be a blessing or curse, and whether Catholic students should partake in this, be it separate (Catholic) or public school system.

I unfortunately got to witness on tonight's CTV 6'O clock news, 10 seconds of footage showing kids at some school doing a mock fashion runway event of how much they could celebrate their "pink" in support of the event. To me I feel seeds of transexualism and homosexulaity were present in that clip I witnessed (A.K.A. If I were to create a "Screwtape Letter" moment, I would be saying to Slugworth or Slubglob or whatever the lower demon's name: "lets make the kids flaunt themselves in support of this cause, all the while saying it's ok to do those things that come with homosexuality and "flaunting" of the sort. They won't even know what they are doing.").

After looking for the clip at under the News, the website yielded nothing. While not the clip I witnessed, this day produces such things as this drivel. And this was the 5th clip on my youtube search, page 1. from a high school LEADERSHIP class/group yet!!!:

Here is the Home Base website:

Sir Knight this is making my conscience a bit queasy and uneasy. Please comment. If you must, I give you full permission to make it a separate post.

The Catholic Knight said...

Anonymous, after viewing the links I don't even know where to begin. TCK

Anonymous said...

Thank you CatholicKnight for giving voice to this issue and allowing people to post their opinions. - With all due respect to CatholicMomOf6: #1)It is greatly more accurate to say that once a person self-identifies as GAY (as opposed to homosexual) that person has moved from temptation into sin. #2.) A person who is homosexually oriented is STILL a homosexual even if he/she never acts out that orientation. You are what you are, not what you do. (Otherwise, a heterosexual man or woman who is still a virgin could not be considered a heterosexual because he/she has not acted on their heterosexuality. Will they suddenly become heterosexual the moment they lose their virginity?) The way you worded it in your post illustrates the error which is rampant in the fundamentalist and evangelical groups who hype the various and sundry so-called 'change therapies' available today. These programs only work to change actions, not orientation. Basically, they teach a homosexual person how to AVOID AND STOP homosexual behavior. After all, how many of us would be totally willing or comfortable with our daughter or sister marrying someone who "changed" from homosexual to heterosexual via one of these (dubious)programs? I would not be, for all they do is change homosexuals from active to non-active. Perhaps these people can be considered 'ex-gay' but it is a mistake to consider them 'ex-homosexual'. Besides, the recidivism rate among this group is high.

scotju said...

The great whooshing sound that you are now hearing is the exit of gay Catholic priest wannabes going over to the liberal Prot churches!

Anonymous said...

Several commentators have asked where to begin with this mess that we have all, through our financial support of hollywood, t.v./madison ave., main stream academia, etc., brought on our nation but especially our children. Besides admitting our culpability in contributing to the sources of the affliction, why not start by refusing to use the euphemistic, deliberately distracting term, "gay," in discourse and discussion. This is a misleading label the homosexual groups have chosen, just like "anti-abortion" was chosen for pro-life and "pro-choice" for abortion supporters. Maybe the term "fey" would get the job done, look it up in your Funk & Wagnals.

Anonymous said...

All interesting comments from, i assume, non-homosexuals...

In the end we should be careful of branding a person as "just like the rest".

As a non-active homosexual in the Catholic church,since I'm looking for an identity that conforms with God's Word, I fail to see the problem.
Where I am in South Africa, we have had no problem with this sort of thing and half of our clergy are celibate homosexuals. I know of one HETEROSEXUAL making advances on girls AND boys (post-pubescent: 13-16) that was booted from our country, yet accepted by the UK! - Disgusting

What of those who wish to pursue religious life as a call from God? The church needs to make some sort of place for us. She makes ministry to homosexuals really difficult in this case.
I'm a convert and love my Church and I love my God, but at times am hurt at this sort of thing. Its unfair, and quite frankly stupid and unnecessary.

If you take the right steps at the right time and support your priests, this sort of thing would never have happened. Do not blame homosexuals (since heterosexuals [whether straight, bi,curious] are just as guilty), blame the poor support and judicial systems, also the loss of the sense of the sacred.

Out of interest to you:
1. I abhor "gay culture"
2. I believe firmly in traditional Marriage
3. I evangelize homosexuals to leave that way of death and become celibate catholics
4. As corny as it sounds I support Pope Benedict 100% even though i don't agree with him on this. He and our bishops are the mouthpiece of the Holy Spirit. How awesome is that?

To conclude. Love and serve your priests, they need your love and support more that you could ever know!

will said...

Laurence England said: "The grave scandal of 'leniency' has been caused by liberalism which infected the Church in the 1960s. It is liberalism which has led to the watering down of Church teaching on sin and salvation and led to a whole generation of Priests who believe in neither God, Heaven or Hell, their actions in their ministry demonstrating this quite obviously."

Could it be that the sorts of abuses which have come to light in recently have been going on for centuries, but the authority of the church ensured that it was kept covered up...

Perhaps it is precisely the new 'liberal' tendency to question the church's authority and threats of hellfire which has cast light on this scandal.

The Catholic Knight said...


I highly doubt that. Secrets are difficult to keep for a long time. Conspiracies among thousands of men to keep secrets are impossible to maintain. There is no amount of "hell, fire and brimstone" threats that could maintain a vast conspiracy of homosexual abuse scandal for centuries on end. Eventually the secrets would get out, regardless of how desperately those in charge would try to keep them. Therefore, I'm of the opinion that your theory is impossible.

No the correlation between the sexual abuse scandal following the rise of Modernism in the Church just before, during and after the Second Vatican Council is something that cannot be left up to coincidence. The Liberalism that came in the latter half of the 20th century did not "reveal" homosexual sexual abuse in the Church, but rather it virtually "caused" it, or at least so greatly "contributed to it" that a relatively minute problem quickly grew to epidemic proportions.

Anonymous said...

What if a young man has homosexual temptations but doesn't see himself in that orientation and is interested in the priesthood? Should he forget any possible vocation?

coffeemancer said...

First, as a former Protestant and future seminarian, I would have actually had a MUCH harder time coming into the Catholic Church if Vatican II had not occurred and been implemented, being as I am Pentecostal in nature. Vatican II opened the door for Ecumenism, or dialoguing for the creation of true catholicity in the Church, and as a result we have the charismatic movement, of which I am a part. It truly irritates me to hear voices in the Church that denounce the high aims of that Council.

That being said, I agree with the other Anonymous commenter that posited that before the Church commits to wholesale exclusion of homosexuals, it should examine the possibility of creating a place for those who are called to His service. After all, the Church is the earthly representation of Christ on Earth, gaining her power through Him, and, as I have understood the Scriptures, especially those concerning Our Lord, they always err on the side of inclusion rather than exclusion. I agree with the Church's stance on God's call for homosexuals to be chaste and celebate, which is their cross to bear in suffering as they try to be like Christ.

In short, as Christians and Catholics, we should never be quick to judge, especially when there are those who need our love and support.