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Saturday, February 11, 2012

World War III Before November Election?

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Experts on Middle Eastern affairs, predict that Israel will likely bomb Iran sometime between early Spring to early Fall of 2012. The months of April, May and June have been highlighted as prime candidates. The odds of an Israeli bombing campaign this year have been calculated at about 90% probability before the November election in the United States.

Any Israeli bombing of Iran will inevitably result in the United States being drawn into the conflict. Iran has already vowed to attack American interests in the Middle East should Israel strike. It remains to be seen what role Russia will take and how North Korea will play into this.

World War III is nearly upon us.


JonathanCatholic said...

You really believe that a local conflict in the Middle East between Israel and Iran will drag the USA and Russia into a major, multinational war? Hey, my interest in the ME is piqued as anyone else's is at this news of Israel's near guaranteed attack, but to call it World War III is something I'm not sure is founded yet. Even a Middle East skirmish between the USA and Russia wouldn't be a World War necessarily. Whatever happens, I invoke along with the whole Church and Pope John Paul II the protection of the Immaculate Heart of Mary over the whole world, and Russia. Holy Queen, intercede with Christ for the advancement of His holy will and for our peace and good. Amen

Anonymous said...

Sir Knight,

For once I hope you are completely wrong here. This would be an absolute disaster. Would the UN and US not attempt a diplomatic solution prior to such rash actions? And israel would not risk causing hurt to their own - remember Iranian Jewish Diaspera...

Hope you're wrong, wrong, wrong...but the number of times you've either raised something and it has appeared on AM, 'the world today', PM, or the 7:30 report within days, or vice versa has occured with disconcerting regularity...

St. Michael the Archangel, Pray for us.
St. Maroun, Pray for Us.
St. Charbel, Pray for us.
St. Maruthas, Patron Saint of Iran, Pray for us.

For more information on this saint, see

Let us all petition this saint for protection of the Iranian Christian population, the wider population of this nation, and for peace and safety within the coming months in the Middle East..



Anonymous said...

Today begins Day One of a nine-day Novena to St. Joseph of behalf of Mr Knight's father, asking for restoration of his physical health and that his financial needs are met.

Please join us in prayer for this petition:


Catawissa Gazetteer said...

When Iran is attacked, by Israel or us, it doesn't really matter, they'll use the agents already in place inside the U.S.A. to attack us. Mall bombings, school bombings, small attacks and large. This regional war will quickly grow into a world conflict and, unlike the other two world wars, we will see war here at home. Do we have the stomach for it? No. And that's precisely why we'll be directly attacked from within. Europe will face the same sorts of attacks, too.

This only makes sense, for two reasons. One, Iran cannot beat Israel or us in a direct conflict. Regardless of how broke we are financially and morally, this crumbling empire still packs one hell of a punch. They must attack us asymmetrically to win, or even to remain standing for more than a very short time.

Secondly, if the real goal of Iran is to hasten the return of the Mahdi (an anti-christ?) then it's to their advantage to make sure this little regional conflict escalates quickly and they have the assets in place to guarantee it.

You're right, Knight, though I would suggest the war has already begun. It was triggered by a shop keeper setting himself on fire in Tunisia about a year ago, setting off the Arab spring. It's all ready a regional conflict. Iran will just through fuel on the fire.

The Catholic Knight said...

...And let us not forget that while the conflict may have already begun with the Arab Spring, it is our own government fuelling it from the inside by supporting the radical Suni Muslims via our CIA and military intelligence. I think America's strategy is to pit the Sunis against Shiite Iran. What they don't realise however is that a Muslim is a Muslim. In the end, the Sunis and Shiites will work together against Israel and the West, regardless of whatever debts they may owe to the CIA and Westen Intellegence. Washington DC is playing with fire again, and guess who is going to get burned -- the American people!

Paul said...

I agree fully that the US instigates all of this through the CIA. After all, Iran does not want to play the IMF/World Bank/Federal Reserve/Euro game. That goes against the worldwide imperialistic plans of the US. Remember Bush's 'axis of evil'? What all those countries had in common was either no debt to the World Bank or attempts to free themselves from its debt without taking new loans. That is what got Saddam into HW Bush's cross hairs! Debt equals slavery and the international financiers know the game well: "love of money is the root of all evil."
Russia fights against this by beginning trade with major countries without the use of US dollars. Russia has also told the US to leave Syria alone. Even Japan has recently entered into agreements with China to begin the trade of some commodities with Yen/Yuan transactions! And this trend continues to grow well outside the confines of the BRIC nations. So i don't see Russia or, obviously, China on the US side when it come to talk of world war.
We have to pray hard that Our Lady intervenes so nothing of this sort happens. For the US is the big bully nobody really likes even though many pretend they do just so they don't ever get punched by the self-centered trouble maker.
Thanks to Our Lord that he has taught us He is only good and merciful -the infinitely good Being! Amid this evil darkness spread world wide by our country He gives us so much hope!

Catawissa Gazetteer said...

America's hands are dirty, of that there is no doubt. But to say that "the US instigates all of this through the CIA" is to be completely blind to the forces at work. We're dealing with Islam and Islam is a religion of conquest that will not abide the existence of any other religion.

We (non-Muslims) must submit or die. Have we aggravated the problem? Sure. But you have to understand that the problem exists because Islam exists. We're the single greatest target of Islam not because we've inserted ourselves into their sphere of influence but because we are a Christian nation. And not just any Christian nation but the last nation of any consequence that still professes to be Christian, that still has any measurable signs of Christian belief. In terms of Christianity, we're the last man standing in the West. We are Islam's final roadblock.

We can withdraw from the Middle East immediately and we'll still be at war. It doesn't matter. this isn't some Ron Paul fantasy, it's good versus evil, right versus wrong, Jesus versus Satan.

This is the main event.

Regardless of the excuses sold to the non-religious this is purely a religious war being fought for religious ends. Everything else is just window dressing. The sooner we come to grips with that the sooner we can deal with it in a sensible manner.

kev said...

I agree with you 100% Sir Knight, it will happen. The "Lady of All Nations" has said many of these things will happen, along with civil war in England, France, Italy, but her immaculate heart will triumph, we need to pray for the 5th Marian Dogma, then Our Lady can move, it has to come from the Vatican, Ave Maria!

Ann said...

Sir Knight,
I agree that WWIII is threatening. The current situation in the Middle East chillingly fits with prophecy that you have previously presented. It's well past time to pay attention to the messages of Fatima and Akita but better late than never. WWIII may now be inevitable but devastation can be mitigated by Eucharistic Reparation and the Holy Rosary.

Ann said...


Re: "Today begins Day One of a nine-day Novena to St. Joseph of behalf of Mr Knight's father, asking for restoration of his physical health and that his financial needs are met."

I'm in.

The Catholic Knight said...

Ann, you are so right. Beyond the Rosary and Eucharistic Reparation we are helpless.

This is my understanding of the vision of John Bosco. The pope would dock the ship of the Catholic Church between the two pillars of Mary and the Eucharist.

I believe this is the Rosary and Eucharistic Reparation. We can begin the process now individually in our own lives, but in time the pope will bring the whole Church into conformity.

Anonymous said...


Today begins Day Two of a nine-day Novena to St. Joseph of behalf of Mr Knight's father, asking for restoration of his physical health and that his financial needs are met.

Please join us in prayer for this petition:


Anonymous said...

The warnings have come many times over. But the great fountain of Mercy will soon recede to make way for the fires of Divine Justice.

Our Blessed Mother has come to us, by His Will, time and gain. We have not listened. Soon, even she can do no more.

It has all been written. Mystery Babylon...Mother of Prostitutes...

16 "The beast and the ten horns you saw will hate the prostitute. They will bring her to ruin and leave her naked; they will eat her flesh and burn her with fire."

In Fatima, Our Lady warned that Russia would be the designated instrument, chosen by Our Heavenly Father Himself, to punish the whole world.

As we were also warned by Our Lady of Akita-Japan...

"As I told you, if men do not repent and better themselves, the Father will inflict a terrible punishment on all humanity. It will be a punishment greater than the deluge, such as one will never have seen before. Fire will fall from the sky and will wipe out a great part of humanity, the good as well as the bad, sparing neither priests nor faithful. The survivors will find themselves so desolate that they will envy the dead. The only arms which will remain for you will be the Rosary and the Sign left by my Son. Each day, recite the prayers of the Rosary. With the Rosary, pray for the Pope, the bishops and the priests."

All this could have been avoided. But alas, we are a stubborn and arrogant people. As it was written, it will come to pass.

My prayers go to all those with children during these times, and the times that will soon come to us all. I pray especially for the little ones.

USA (Mystery Babylon) will meet its destruction at the hands of Russia (the beast) as it is chastised with fire.

Anonymous said...

The only people who know for sure whether Iran is dangerous or not are its leaders, but it is not easy to understand what they believe, know and intend.

Does Iran mean nuclear peace of nuclear war?
You decide., #nuclearpeace or #nuclearwar.

The Catholic Knight said...

At the time the Apacolypse was written it was clear the Babylon was ancient Rome, but 'Mystery Babylon' or the 'Whore of Babylon' was JERUSALEM.

The gist of the passage is to convey that God's first people - the Jews - had prostituted themselves spiritually with the world, rather than accept God's appointed Messiah. Ergo: 'We have no king but Caesar!'. The Jews had spiritually fornicated with the Roman Empire, and so as the passage unfolds, the Empire eventually turned against her and burned her with fire - AD 70. Now the thing about Bible prophecy is it tends to repeat itself, in what I like to call echoes. Each repeat gets a little softer, a little less clear, but the same message his heard over and over again. Throughout history the Jews have allied with various world powers in an attempt to regain their land and rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem. Each time the end result is catastrophe for them. I suspect this time will be no different. Today America does serve as a 'type' of Rome -- aka 'Babylon'. And indeed the Jews, in the form of Zionism, have allied with us to regain their land. They rely on American Evangelicals to fund the rebuilding of their Temple. Like ancient times though, they will soon discover that whenever they rely on anyone other than the promised Messiah, it will come back to bite them in a catastrophic way. (God have mercy on them.). So it will likely turn out badly for Israel when this war with Iran gets underway.

In the end, this distant future, we know what happens. The final world power the Jewish Zionists will rely on will be the one they themselves create. Theirs will be the last world superpower, and it will be run by Antichrist himself from Jerusalem. When that day comes, Jerusalem will be both 'Babylon' and the 'Whore of Babylon' wrapped into one. She will spiritually formicate with herself. Once again, it will end in catastrophe, not only for them but for the whole world. The only consolation for the Church is that she will follow our Lord in martyrdom and soon see him return for her in the sky with all the armies of heaven.

c matt said...

I don't know about the timing. Seems if muslims were smart, they would just keep doing what they are doing - outbreeding the West. Immigrate to western countries and take over by numbers. They have been doing a bang up job if it so far. Use asymmetrical wrafare in the ME to keep draing the US of blood and treasure. The plan ssems to be working, wo why not keep it up.

If Israel attacks, there would be no need for Russia and China to jump in, just let them go at it. If the US jumps in, then R & C can sit back (or covertly support Iranians and other Arabs) while the US gets mired in a tar pit. Let the death of a thousand cuts do its thing. Iw ould expect some small scale attacks here in the US, but really, it would only take one or two to set the whole country into an overreacting tizzy.

Anonymous said...

In case you haven't figured it out, Israel and it's bitch "the United States" are the bad guys here. The US has approximately 54 military bases surronding Iran plus the carrier groups.
Iran hasn't attacked another country directly in what 400 years? The US has been involved a few;

Paul said...

RE: Catawissa Gazetteer
Islam is certainly a troublesome religion but to reduce events in the ME to a religious war misses what is really happening there.
Islam is a religion that is decidedly non-secular and the western war forces that have moved into the ME are doing the bidding of western secularists. It is not Christian forces that have brought war to the ME!
And i disagree that our nation is a Christian nation. I would more readily call it a satanic culture that is exporting practical satanism worldwide. We practice abortion, pornography, sodomy, adultery and divorce as we export these same evils through various media worldwide. Islamic nations do not do this. And now our leaders feel compelled to begin spreading our brand of government to the rest of the world? At the price of our children's blood? Putting our future generations in loathsome debt so as to spread this culture and government through unjust wars? We have many good Christians but we are mostly laughed at when it comes to discussion in the public square.
Our ultimate enemy is the secularists -those who believe man can be god. Secular Humanism which is attempting to take over the entire world through media and, where media cannot influence, war.
Islam is a scourge but there is at least hope that God can do something with it. Look what he did to the satanic, human sacrificing culture of Mexico through a small number of priests and one apparition of Our Lady of Guadalupe! The Muslims believe Mary is the virgin mother of the great prophet Jesus. Heresy indeed but at least God has a foot in their door -unlike with the secularists. Also, Mary likes to make apparitions in places close to Muslim's heart or history: Fatima is a small town named after Mohammed's daughter. Lourdes, France was once a Muslim stronghold commanded by a military leader named Mirat. In 778 when Charlemagne was returning to France from Spain he laid siege and tried to starve the Muslims out of their stronghold. But Mirat decided starvation was better than losing to Christians until the bishop of Le Puy told Mirat that if he could not submit to Charlemagne and Christ, maybe he could submit to the Virgin Mother and thereby spare himself and all his soldiers. Incredibly, Mirat agreed he could submit to the Virgin and a procession to Le Puy Cathedral was begun. But first Mirat asked of he could find some gift to bring to the Virgin who saved him. He was told "yes" and went to the shore of the Gave River where he picked some grass (presumably with flowers) which he brought and laid at the feet of the Virgin's statue in Le Puy. He later converted to Catholicism, was knighted by Charlemagne and reinstalled as commander of the fortress -this time as head of the Catholic stronghold of Lourdes!
A little over 1000 years later the Virgin appeared to Bernadette at the shores of the Gave River. One of Mary's requests to Bernadette during an apparition was that she pick up some grass from the side of the river and eat it! Bernadette, one of the humblest saints in history, did as she was asked and became the laughingstock of the crowds who also watched her wash her face in the muddy water that would later prove to be miraculous water.
God's thoughts are not our thoughts nor are His ways our ways. My wife and I pray every night in our rosary that the Virgin might appear to someone of God's choosing in the Muslim world. The conversions could be even bigger that those of Mexico. And i just read a book claiming that many ME Imams, who believe that God speaks through dreams, are having dreams about the prophet Jesus that they cannot fully understand.
For my part i will continue to pray for a deeply religious people who hate secularism. They are adherents to a religion that has done much evil in the world but i will continue to hope that Our Lord has has an ace up his sleeve, as we degenerate Westerners like to say!

Ann said...

Paul, I didn't know about Mirat - that's very interesting.

You said: "My wife and I pray every night in our rosary that the Virgin might appear to someone of God's choosing in the Muslim world." Therefore I thought you would like to know about Our Lady's appearances at Soufanieh, Damascus, Syria to a married Catholic woman named Myrna who also experiences the stigmata (Church Approved). The message is for unity of the Roman Catholic and Orthodox Churches but goes beyond this as Muslims also venerate Our Lady side-by-side with Catholics at her shrine in Soufanieh (Myrna's home that is open to everyone). There is more information at

Paul said...

Thanks Ann, i'll check out the website as soon as i can.
I guess Lourdes is even named after Mirat who took the Christian name "Lorus".
My wife and i went on honeymoon to France over 5 years ago and we ran into a Muslim woman at Notre Dame who was touring Marian apparition sites. She was from Morocco and was touring with a French woman who was a fallen-away catholic. We met because i had an incredibly strong urge to give a miraculous medal to the Catholic woman, who i'd never met. It turned out they had been at Rue Du Bac (miraculous medal site) earlier in the day and had lost the medal belonging to the Muslim woman. So they prayed to Mary that she would help them find it. The one i gave them was the same size and everything and they looked at me like a ghost when i handed it to them out of the blue (that pun wasn't intended). They thought it was the exact same one they'd lost but i told them it was one i bought at the shrine. Anyway, the whole trip was a secret for the Muslim woman who could face death if her family found out what she was doing. She asked my wife and i to pray for her that she would have the courage to become Catholic since she was convinced that was what God wanted her to do!
It is stuff like this that convinces me God has plans for converting Islamic peoples. The Moroccan woman made it clear that there were a good number of other Muslim people who were doing the same thing she was.
I really am convinced nothing is beyond our good Mother's power!

Paul said...

Thanks again Ann for the info on Soufanieh - i looked into it and have not yet found anything saying it does not have approval of the local bishop in Syria and it doesn't seem to be plagued with the disobedience surrounding so many alleged apparitions (even very popular ones) that do not have approval of the local bishop! So far it looks like the ever necessary reminder of the need for prayer and fasting with the added message of unity between Orthodoxy and Catholicism. And how beautiful that Muslims also find their way to this apparition site to pray!
My wife and i (Catholics) frequent a coffee shop run by a local Orthodox parish whose married priest works behind the counter one day a week. They also have books and icons for sale in bookcases and on the walls that are both Orthodox and Roman Catholic (like from Ignatius Press)! I can't wait to tell him about Our Lady of Soufanieh.

Ann said...

It is lovely to read of your experience with the Miraculous Medal. I agree with you that "nothing is beyond our good Mother's power". It's amazing and wonderful that she who is the Mother of God is our mother too.

I am also glad that you take care discerning true from false apparitions. Her real comings are for our benefit and it is sad when false apparitions drown out the real.

That little coffee shop sounds beautiful. I hope the Orthodox priest there is moved by the message of Soufanieh and works for unity. I can't remember the exact words of Pope John Paul II but he said something to the effect that the Church needs to breathe with both its lungs, Orthodox and Roman Catholic. What a positive impact this would have on our world.

I gather you and your wife are young Catholics. It is a joy to find young Catholics alive with Faith, and I wish you God's blessings in abundance as you journey through life together.

Joseph Gemma said...

Some small signals about the Lady of All Nations

Anonymous said...

Though it is with trepidation that I view the tensions between Israel, the USA, and Iran, it is with hope that I turn to God who is All-Knowing and All-Powerful. Surely He will mean it for good.
And I run as a frightened child to she who is our Mother, who the Philippines alone cherishes as "Mama" Mary. (I have only ever heard Filipinos refer to her like that. They must really have a deep love for her.)

Sincerely, Filipino Catholic

Ann said...

Filipino Catholic,

I didn't know that Filipino Catholics referred to Our Lady as "Mama" Maria. How very beautiful. If Catholics everywhere loved her with child-like confidence as you do we would have nothing to fear.

Anonymous said...


Yes, Filipinos are dearly attached to Mama Mary. Signs of our devotion to her are everywhere in the Philippines: bottles of Lourdes or Knock water in homes, rosaries adorning the home altars and dangling from rearview mirrors or even being worn, scapulars worn by many, feast days (local fiestas and universal days of obligation) all over the calendar, various titles naming her as patroness of the locale, statues and statuettes of her by the altars or at church entrances and even in the most unlikely places, and often-frequented Marian shrines which are now places of pilgrimage in the country (Manaoag, Antipolo, Lindogon, and Obando, to name a few). It is such that some Protestants will complain that we appear to give Mary more prominence than Jesus.

She has become so much a part of our lives that one of the more vulgar oaths here is "Susmariosep", which is a bastardization of the Spanish "Jesus, Maria, Jose". Thankfully, it seems to be disappearing now.

The world must turn to the Father. And only through the Son can they come to Him. May the world let the Mother point the way to the Son.

Filipino Catholic.

P.S. I noticed that your comment appeared on February 25. Here, that marks the anniversary of the peaceful and bloodless overthrow of the dictator Ferdinand Marcos through popular revolt in 1986. A shrine to Mary was built along EDSA, the road where the protests occurred, and dedicated to "Our Lady of EDSA".

Ann (Australia) said...

Filipino Catholic,

You said: "The world must turn to the Father. And only through the Son can they come to Him. May the world let the Mother point the way to the Son." To that I add my "Amen".

It's heartening to see how God works great miracles for those who love His Mother. Your mention of "the peaceful and bloodless overthrow of the dictator Ferdinand Marcos through popular revolt in 1986" reminded me of the peaceful and bloodless overthrow of Communism in Poland where Catholics had marched with Rosaries in hand behind Lech Walesa. I am convinced that peace will not return to the whole world until Catholics all over the globe love and honour Our Lady for all that she is (the Immaculate Mother of God) and all she has done (Her Sorrows for the sake of our salvation) and all she continues to do (as Help of Christians). It is sad that Protestants don't understand, denying her the love and honour that would please God and lead them more surely to Him and back into the fold of the Catholic Church.

I pray the Faith will never be lost in the Filipines. Sadly, Ireland, from where many of my forebears come, which had been so faithful for many centuries despite great persecutions, is now experiencing a crisis of Faith. I think prosperity and freely available contraceptives have had a lot to do with that loss.

Have you seen the Catholic Knight's article of 22nd Feb? The video accompanying it is on Humanae Vitae and the US experience in relation to the hopes of some to introduce the contraceptive mentality into the Filipines.

Anonymous said...


I hope so too. Unfortunately, the smoke of Satan is already seeping into Asia's most faithful nation. It is already known that the US government is supporting a local legislation that could singlehandedly cut this branch off from the Vine.

There is a reproductive health bill making its way through the Philippine Congress (the RH Bill). Its supporters claim that it is necessary to alleviate the overpopulation here and to reduce the incidence of unwanted pregnancies, maternal mortality rate, and illegal abortion. (Baby-killing is still illegal here, as are divorce and capital punishment.)

However, the Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines and most of the faithful are persistently opposed to it, claiming that they see a future of free and easy access to contraceptives and abortion, and imprisonment of those who attempt to obstruct procurement of these services. At the height of the controversy, they promulgated an oratio imperata against the RH Bill, praying to stop its passage. Some bishops have even threatened civil disobedience should the bill pass, and others threatened to excommunicate the President if he signs it.

Of course the RH supporters fought back, calling the clergy ignorant of the bill's wording (which was true in some cases). Others sought to discredit the clergy by citing numerous sexual misconduct cases involving inappropriate touching of feminine parts (there are few 'pedophile priests' here, more on the 'chase after women' type).

One protester came for Mass dressed as national hero Jose Rizal, and during the Consecration lifted a placard proclaiming the priests as "Damasos". This was an insult of the worst kind. Padre Damaso is a character in Rizal's novel Noli Me Tangere: an immoral, abusive, greedy priest who raped a woman and had a child from that rape. And this protester had the gall to tar all clergy with that brush during the CONSECRATION: an insult to Christ Himself.

Then there was the case of Mideo Cruz, an artist whose exhibit Politeismo outraged so many of the faithful. He depicted (among other things) Christ with a penis on his face and Mama Mary holding a condom. How dare he sexualize Christ?! How dare he portray Mary, conceived without sin and in whom Christ was conceived, with contraceptives?!

I will stop ranting now, it is not good for the blood pressure. All I hope is that now when the world needs God most, they let Mary point the way to Christ, the only way to the Father.

Sts. Patrick and Columban, pray for Ireland.
Our Lady of Guadalupe, pray for us all.

Filipino Catholic.

Ann said...

Filipino Catholic,

I pray the Filipino government listens to your Catholic people and the Bishops' Conference so that the RH Bill is defeated and your homeland doesn't go the way of mine. Easy access to contraceptives began in Australia about 50 years ago. Sexual immorality increased thereafter and virginity was scorned. Easily obtained abortions followed and have been funded by the Australian government from taxation for over 30 years now.

Contraception does not decrease the overall number of unwanted pregnancies regardless of what its advocates say. As contraception increased in Australia, so too did abortions. My nation, with a population of only 23 million people, now aborts approximately 1 million babies a year. It has been estimated that one baby is surgically aborted for every 2.8 live births here (Source: Australian Institute of Health and Welfare).

Sadly, once contraception became freely available in Australia, opposition to abortion mostly fell away. The contraceptive mentality seems to deaden the soul.

In light of what is happening in the USA re its HHS Bill, it is understandable that fellow Catholics in the Philippines foresee possible "imprisonment of those who attempt to obstruct procurement of these (contraceptive and abortive) services". I hope it doesn't come to that but radical secular elements in governments are showing their anti-Catholic teeth as The Catholic Knight points out in his recent article (Wednesday, February 29, 2012).

It is sad that a small minority of priests give scandal, providing a stick for radical secularists to beat the Church with. It has happened in North America and Europe and here in Australia too, and seems of a worse strain than in the Philippines because pedophilia tends to dominate among fallen priests in the West.

Radical secularism also fuels that horrible "art" you mention. The same sort of thing has happened here and in America too. We all need to vent sometimes, especially when angered by blasphemous pictures and behaviours such as you describe that shockingly insult Our Lord and His Holy Mother. Yes, it probably sends the blood pressure up - and mine is already high enough and perhaps you suffer from hypertension too - but thank God for the grace of not being luke-warm.

Our family has a dear friend who is a priest of our diocese. He has visited and loves the Philippines and its people, speaking upon his return of that beautiful oasis of Faith. Even if the western world falls it will do so because of its sins. Perhaps the Philippines will be spared.

The RH Bill will hopefully not pass or I fear it will be the beginning of the end for the Philippines. I join my prayers with yours that the bill will be defeated. Materialism and promiscuity has ruined the West; please God it won't take root in the Philippines.