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Monday, March 26, 2012

America - Can You Handle The Truth?

American Revolutionary War Flag
THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Patrick Henry is famous for penning the great American Revolutionary motto: 'Give me Liberty, or give me death.' He is revered as one of our greatest founding fathers for this, but Patrick Henry also gave us a warning. He warned us about the excessive dangers of abandoning America's original government -- The Articles of Confederation -- for a national Constitution that centralised and consolidated power in what would eventually become Washington DC. If you call yourself an American, you MUST read Patrick Henry's warning, and ask yourself, did he not predict everything that would happen 224 years in advance???
(Constitution.Org) -- The Confederation, this despised government [Articles of Confederation], merits, in my opinion, the highest encomium -- it carried us through a long and dangerous war; it rendered us victorious in that bloody conflict with a powerful nation; it has secured us a territory greater than any European monarch possesses -- and shall a government which has been thus strong and vigorous, be accused of imbecility, and abandoned for want of energy? Consider what you are about to do before you part with the government. Take longer time in reckoning things; revolutions like this have happened in almost every country in Europe; similar examples are to be found in ancient Greece and ancient Rome -- instances of the people losing their liberty by their own carelessness and the ambition of a few. We are cautioned ... against faction and turbulence. I acknowledge that licentiousness is dangerous, and that it ought to be provided against. I acknowledge, also, the new form of government [The Constitution] may effectually prevent it. Yet there is another thing it will as effectually do -- it will oppress and ruin the people....

Patrick Henry, Virginia 1788
Most American's do not know their own history, nor do they stop and consider that the government that fought for independence from the British Empire was disbanded within seven years after attaining that independence.  What replaced it was the Constitution of the United States of America, a much more centralised and consolidated federal republic.

On the political Right of American politics today are those who enshrine the Constitution as Holy Writ.  Some will literally say they believe it to be a divinely inspired document on par with the Bible.  They believe the Constitution is our sacred founding document, that there was no 'America' prior to it, and that everything that is good about America flows from it.  They are strict constructionists, consistent with their point of view, believing the Constitution never changes, and must be followed and obeyed by both the government and the people.

On the political Left of American politics today are those who believe the Constitution is a 'living and breathing' document, again, a different way of interpreting Holy Writ, meaning something new to each successive generation.  It is a document that is flexible, able to be moulded and applied to fit the needs of the day.

Both the political Left and political Right of American politics are religious zealots, but each in their own way, with their approach to the Constitution mirroring their approach to the Bible, or whatever other scriptures they hold as sacred, if any.  Can there ever be a reconciliation between them?  No.  Never.   They will forever hold each other in enmity.  For religious zeal is their driving principle.

I submit to you here that both are wrong.  Both have made a critical error in reason.  Both have consigned themselves in perpetual conflict which can only result in the destruction of the nation they both hold dear.  Both must repent of their wicked religious zeal for a man-made secular document.  'The Catholic Knight' is about to call a spade a spade, and say something that is sure to make both the political Right and the political Left a little uncomfortable...


Get that through your thick skulls now before it's too late!  When was the last time you read the U.S. Constitution anyway?  Is it not this same Constitution that originally denied women's suffrage, enshrined slavery into federal law, and counted a slave as three-fifths of a person?  Well, I suppose three-fifths of a person is better than half a person, or no person at all, but still, does this sound divinely inspired to you?  Maybe it depends on the kind of divinity you worship.  I don't know about you, but I worship the Holy Trinity - Father, Son and Holy Spirit - who teaches through his Holy Catholic Church that rights come from God, that women have the same legal rights as men, and a slave is just as much of a person as a freeman.  Maybe you disagree with my interpretation of the U.S. Constitution here.  That's fine, since neither you nor I have the authority to interpret it anyway.  That authority is reserved explicitly for the United States Supreme Court.  You know, that same Supreme Court that gave us the Dred Scott decision, 'Separate but Equal' racial segregation, the banning of prayer in public schools, and of course Roe v. Wade.  The Constitution makes it clear that only the Supreme Court has the right to interpret it authoritatively, and this is how the Supreme Court has interpreted it.  Divinely inspired?  I think not.

I submit to you here that both the political Left and the Right are wrong in America.  Both are guilty of idolatry.  Both have ascribed too much to a secular document that many of America's founders opposed.  Maybe it's time Americans take a second look at the Articles of Confederation, imperfect as that document is, it nevertheless enshrines some of the principles of a truly free and equitable Union between states, wherein the states may govern themselves and solve their own problems, without interference from 'Uncle Sam' and an all-powerful federal government.  Maybe Patrick Henry and the Anti-Federalists were right.  Maybe after 224 years Americans may come to see the prophecy of Patrick Henry came true, and our own federal government (which our Constitution creates) has become our own worst enemy, a nemesis rivalling that of King George III.  Maybe, just maybe, Americans will finally wake up and realise that we have become slaves to an instrument of our founders' own making.  Maybe, just maybe, Americans will once again realise that America and The Constitution are not synonymous, that they are not one in the same, that Americans lived without it before 1789, and indeed gained our independence from England without it.  Maybe, Americans will finally remember that the men who fought the American Revolutionary War never heard of a U.S. Constitution, and those who survived wouldn't hear of it for some time.  Maybe, just maybe, Americans will stop idolising a document that is enslaving us to a federal government that WILL NEVER STOP GROWING until it has consumed everything there is and left us with nothing.  Maybe, just maybe, Americans will finally WAKE UP and understand that true freedom in our Union can only be realised when states are given the ability to govern themselves, solve their own problems, and let people vote with their feet which system is best.  Maybe, just maybe, this 224 year experiment in federal tyranny will finally come to an end, and the people of the states will rise up to the occasion and save us from the brink of our own self-destruction.  Maybe just maybe.  Then again, maybe not.

(This article may be freely copied and distributed without permission from the author -- The Catholic Knight.)


Confederate Papist said...

My Brother -

This is indeed your finest work yet!


Anonymous said...

The government will not stop until it has taken over every aspect of every persons life outside of the US as well. The government has been promoting/subsidizing materialism, gender difference elimination, gay rights, divorce, screen addiction, and junk food all around the world.

In addition, by making men weak, psychologically castrated, fat and air headed by excess television and corn syrup/processed food, it has guaranteed that no one will have the mental or physical stamina to oppose it domestically or internationally as well.

Anonymous said...

Sir Knight,

"Nullification" is our option. If state legislators had the "courage" they could bring the federal government to its knees by nullifying laws which infringe upon the 9th and 10th Amendment.

Sorry to say, the state legislators are themselves guilty of passing laws that "control the people" which reduces our individual freedoms. Here in Texas,where the legislators are in session every two years - they pass on average 1,500 laws each session. Our cities are no better, passing ordinances restricting how we use our property. Or, Homeowners associations prohibiting the flying of a U.S. flag in your front yard.

Hank from Texas

Anonymous said...

I believe for the most part you're correct Catholic Knight except for a few women don't exactly have the same "legal rights" as men in the Catholic Church, lest I be forced to remind you it is still illegal I am fairly sure to have a woman priest in the church. As well as Christ, God, nor Holy Spirit never condemned the institution of slavery, they merely regulated it which is proven several times in the Old Testament, also Jesus Christ himself nor Paul condemned slavery. Now I know some people say that Christ nor Paul condemned homosexuals, but the Old Testament does which is the foundation for the New. Anyways I really enjoy your work for the most part and keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Sir Knight,

This is perhaps the most well framed article I have read concerning the US and its constitution. You are absolutely correct; on one side, we have groups such as NOW pannel-beating it to suit their needs/agenda whilst on the other we have organisations such as 'Vision Forum' adopting the self same tactics to advance their own programme.

the US constitution is NOT divinely inspired, as the Australian constitution is not divinely inspired.

thank you for daring to speak the truth, Sir Knight, for indeed, as the great George Orwell stated, Truth is always the first casualty of war - be it a war consisting of boots on the ground, or a war consisting of 'soft persecution' and forceable remoddeling of family, societal and faith arenas.

May our Lady, Mother Mary, and our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ bless you and keep you, your family and your fantastic blog ministry, for you are a rare voice of reason in the conservative/trad Catholic blogosphere.



Anonymous said...

Commenter #2,

Amen, my fellow!! This is 100% correct! However, remember this one fact that seems to escape the NWO distopians; our Lord and Saviour jesus Christ is King of Kings and Lord of Lords! he will triumph, the force of the devil is a spent force, and as a caged animal who knows its time has come, he is roaming about like a roaring lion seeking to devour whomever he will, but even this tactic of demonic desperation is fatally flawed, because Christ has won the victory for us - we are about to celebrate it in just under a fortnight's time.

There are still those of us awake to the attempted social engineering antics perpetrated across the board, especially in nations with strong traditions both North and South of the Sahara. I at this point will give thanks to GAFCON (Global Anglican Futures Conference) who have staunchly opposed this, and keep the flame of tradition based on Scripture alive in parts of Australia, the UK, and key portions of the developing world. They stand in direct opposition to the mealy-mouthed watered-down US-style 'Anglicanism' and, God willing, will eventually see their one error, that of not accepting B16's olive branch to the Anglican world; they would be a powerful addition to the Ordinariate - we need to pray they drop the calvinist drivel that misinforms their understanding of Catholic Christianity, but it will come, and we have been promised it in prophetic revelation, both in Holy Scripture and Church-approved private revelation. The AO would greatly benefit from an ingection of African, Asian and South American evangelical Anglican muscle.

Also, with the likes of Staples and Da Souza out there on the Catholic Appologetics frontline, the future is ultimately promising. Yes, the Culture battle will tragically cost many a soul, but people aren’t stupid, many are awake to the subtle and not so subtle attempts from those who think their reign will never end to create society after their own image. They think they have reached the pinnacle of liberal ‘democratic’’eden’, but in truth, their house of cards will fall. Concernning your interesting point on corn syrup, the medical establishment here in Aus is mad as hell about it. Fructose (refined, used as a sweetener in processed foods), when taken outside of whole fruit is also a problem. Read ‘Sweet Poison’ by David Gillespie and be educated. Here is his homepage
Also, this site; is another invaluable resource. I’ll give this to my former Seventh Day Adventist comrades, they well understood the direct link between nutrition and mental/emotional/sensual capacities over a century ago and the ‘health Message’ arm of this denomination has done good work worldwide. Now, if Catholic Christianity could pick up the ball on this and engage in a serious health ministry (this Is wider than a hospital system, for instance), much good would be done. And all readers would do well to remember the old SDA ‘New Start’ approach to life, that I have taken into my Catholic walk…

(to be continued)

Anonymous said...


Sunlight (wonder why there is a worldwide vitamin D problem…10 minutes before 10 or after 4 in summer, up to 30 minutes before 10 or after 4 in winter, with respect to latitudinal constraints)
Temporance (in a Catholic setting, moderation in alcohol, elimination of tobacco and narcotics, moderation with respect to foods – Catholic traditions of fasting are good here)
Air Fresh air, get out of the aircon, and out of high-polution zones as often as possible
Rest; enough sleep and relaxation, quiet time, this is lost largely nowadays
Trust in Divine Providence, remember, above all, God is in control, as much as sinful humanity tries to subvert or change or derail His plans.

How strong would Catholic Christians be if we seriously adopted this simple eight step plan for all of life, along with faith exercise – the office, the Rosary, study of Holy Scripture, the Catechism, praying the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, and corporal works of mercy/charity/love for our fellow man.

So come on people, whether you’re a latin masser, an NO masser, an Eastern Rite or Anglican Ordinariate Catholic, lets do it – brick by brick, from the ground up.



Ann said...

Anonymous / Commenter 4

Re: '... women don't exactly have the same "legal rights" as men in the Catholic Church ... it is still illegal I am fairly sure to have a woman priest in the church.'

Men and women are equal but different and so too our roles. It is a biological fact that a woman cannot be a father or a man a mother. A priest is a spiritual father and therefore a man. I haven't heard of any man complaining that the spiritual maternity of all mankind was given to a woman (the Blessed Virgin Mary). A secular government is able to make laws that fly in the face of the gender/role differences designed by God but the Church can't.

Re: 'Jesus Christ himself nor Paul condemned slavery.'

Our Lord is against slavery: the world's spiritual slavery to the devil and the slavery of one human being to another. As to the latter, He said that we were to love our neighbour as ourselves. We would be breaking that Commandment if we enslaved others.

Anonymous said...

I understand totaly your point of view. In Europe, I have to say that we are in front of the same situation. Germany who leads economicaly the european union, is working for more federalism in EU.

The European Union is fighting against the states, because the nation is still the mainplace of the sovereignty of the people, and with years, we can only note that this sovereingty is more and more weakened.
We go on to vote at the national elections, we have got this illusion, but is this still democraty ? As for you, it seems we are sliding in a kind of dictature par le haut.

The best proof of this fight is coming from the heart of EU : Bruxelles and Belgium. During more than 500 days, belgium was without government because of a big misunderstanding between the 2 main regions : Wallony and flanders.
How to explain it ? The european union is giving more power to the regions, in one goal, to help them to fight against the states. The exemple of Belgium was also an insidious way to show that a nation can live without a national government, that it is not necessary now with EU.

In france, as in the USA, we are preparing the presidential elections, in one month we will vote, and we are in a strange situation, we can see a total lag between the problemes of the people and the proposals of the candidates. There's more and more a probleme for the candidates : they can't propose interesting things because they don't realy possess the economical power anymore (it belongs more and more to EU), whereas, because of a certain inertia of the mentalities, the people think that they still have it. Only the candidates who want to exit the EU can talk seriously about these problemes, else they can only talk about some societal things to make illusion : security, immigration, international problemes ; whereas the people desires some social solutions about : unemployement, housing, pensions, education ...

Steve said...

Here's the 'give me liberty' speech in Mike Church's movie "road to independence" Mr Church put the entire speech that is posted in this great piece in movie "Spirit of 76" that portrays all of the convention & ratification debates. Great stuff. or amazon to get dvd's

Anonymous said...

Responding to the 4th commentator, the priesthood is not a legal right; it is a sacrament. More than three thousand years ago, the Jewish people established an all male priesthood. This was contrary to all the other pagan religions which had both male and female priests. Jesus continued the Jewish tradition of an all male priesthood. Its is the heart of Catholicism that that which Jesus created the church has no right to change.

The idea is that the talents of fathers and mothers are best utilized in different roles for priests and nuns. The self loathing gender elimination crowd would love to eliminate male and female role differences because that would eliminate marriage and hence procreation and eventually the human race itself. See how well female priests have worked for the protestants.

Laura said...

Thank you for this terrific article Sir Knight!!

In university, I remember taking an upper level course on American History. We spent all of 15 minutes on the Articles of Confederation. I remember the Professor stating that it wasn't even worth studying or reading about them, as they were a failed system of government. No discussion, no questions...that was that.

In homeschooling my daughter, it is extremely difficult to find anything about it for Jr. High level...(We'll be at that era of history by early next fall). I guess I'll look for High School level and just explain it to her?

There have also been some wonderful comments on here - as usual! Thanks for those too everyone! Blessings to you all.

GREG KELLY said...

Great Post Here is a little something about 'Big Govt' Rubrum Lincoln Imperio Tyrannis

Anonymous said...

Sir Knight, once again your inconsistency is showing as you go off the deep end. First, the Convention of 1787 was convoked because of obvious flaws in the Articles (trade barriers, customs duties, foreign representation (A need for Americans to speak with one voice to hostile foreign govts, not 13) The fact is, Sir Knight, the constution was essentially a compromise document and ratified by each of the 13 states then in the confederation, then brining on board Vermont and Kentucky. The constitution as a compact between states which surrendered a part of their sovereignty served the nation well until the civil war and the usurpation of power by Lincoln and his successors. You also dont admit to your previous support for Ron Paul who, if nothing else, DOES make a divinity out of the document, nor do you inform us of your prior support fot the Consitution party. Pete Frey

The Catholic Knight said...

Pete, and your point is? My previous support of Ron Paul and the Constitution Party in no way contradicts what I have written above. It is only natural to seek the least of all evils in the political field. Since virtually all politicians deify the Constitution, in one way or another, it seems only right to support the one who is perceived to do the least damage with his idolatry. Ron Paul fit the bill in this presidential primary season. The Constitution Party seemed to fit the bill in the last presidential election cycle. The TEA Party seemed to fit the bill in between. My politics are based on my understanding of the Church teaching on Subsidiarity and how that relates to the American federal government. Alas, all of this seems to be becoming a moot point, as America is falling apart at the seams while our government becomes so exceedingly wicked and perverse that it seems it is beyond repair and hope. Even a successful seccession movement would likely prove a failure, as our problems run much deeper than government now. It's a cultural problem bassed on morality -- or lack thereof.

Anonymous said...

@ Ann and anonymous.
My point on the woman thing is that the country has changed in more than one ways, and one of those ways was giving women the right to vote. My point on the issue is there is a reason the founding fathers and basically almost all Republics disbarred women of the right to vote among other things. Ann cleverly pointed out that women can't be priests, but can be nuns, and I concede her point. Yet there has never been a female Pope for that very reason women arn't supposed to (to put bluntly) be in power. Christ observed this, God observed this. The Roman Republic in the beginning observed this, and in the beginning the U.S.A. observed this. To give a women a right to vote gives her the right to run for the executive office. Some say we have made "progress" I disagree, instead of progress we have become the exact opposite.

Also to Ann on the slavery topic. Yes we are to love our neighbors as we love ourselves, but and of my main points is then why did Paul send the slave back to his friend? (Warning: controversial here.)And I ask you do you not love your pets? Do you not want the very best for them, but in a since they are your slaves, for they don't run free in the wild. No your pets, your house, your car, and everything else belonging to you is your property. I'm not looking for some sob story, nor well that doesn't go along with what Christ said because it did. You are neighbors to your dog in a since, but if you let it get out of line it must be punished. Do you not work your dog? Do you not throw the frisbee and watch it run back with it? There are no chains around the dogs paws, but there may be a shock collar around it's neck. It is insensitive, but it is true.

Anonymous said...

Commenter *15; try this on with the guide dog community and see how far you get; try this on with the instructors etc and see how far you get. Those that say humans make better guides etc (a PETA argument) have not the first idea of what they are speaking of; as one guide dog instructor has stated very eloquently, the PETA solution does not provide independance. Furthermore, the notion that a pet-owner would use something as vulgar as a shock collar to discipline one's dog is disgraceful; ever heard of ILLEGAL????which they are in my nation and for good reason!

You may wish to read Holy Scripture concerning genders; we are equal in dignity as human beings, men and women, and equal in salvation, but ascribed differing roles; no less, no more; to complement, not compete with each other. As for the animal kingdom and humanity, the OT has much to say on this. You may also wish to read the Catechism of the Catholic Church re right to own goods and property , along with our relation to the animal kingdom (I'm not giving you each reference at this time of the morning here), and the corresponding Scriptural foundation for these principles.

I fear your remarks are not based upon a spirit of good will, but one that is known in the on-line community as that of a troll; I do hope I am wrong.



Anonymous said...

Sir Knight,

right on time, this on
re Israel ready to attack Iran and willing to do so by the end of the year if sanctions don't work (wait till tomorrow your time for the transcript and audio to be posted on the website for 28th march). As I've stated, whenever you hint at prophecy/world events etc, it is either just after or just before our good friends at 'Auntie' as we call the Australian Broadcasting Corporation here in Aus) has mentioned similar information. If I didn't know better, I'd accuse you of being an ABC foreign correspondant :-)

how does the Chinese saying go?? 'Beware lest you be born into interesting times'...


PS: the ABC has also been giving coverage to the US HHS situatin and its impact upon persons/groups of faith.

quotquot said...

Catholicity is Necessary to Sustain Popular Liberty.

Anonymous said...

Dear Catholic Knight, you are right that the constitution is not a divinely inspired perfect document and has had to be amended several times to fix its original flaws. You are also right that the current federal government has gotten way out of control with power. However I believe you are wrong to desire a return to the articles. While the federal government does need to be checked the articles made any meaningful national action nearly impossible. The problem with the checks and balances of the constitution is that it has been ignored as the years went on. You are right to point out the supreme court because starting during the great depression they allowed unconstitutional legislation to pass. This has led to the erosion of federalism and the rise of big government. So while not perfect I do think the constitution, especially the bill of rights, is a great document and simply needs to be restored to actually being followed.