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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Another Option Please

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: In the face of the upcoming Republican train wreck that is the 2012 general election, many of my readers know Mitt Romney cannot win. That being said, some of you have lamented that we no longer have a third-option to register a protest vote against the political system that gave us Mitt Romney and Barack Obama. Since Ron Paul will likely drop out of the race before the GOP convention, to spare his son (Rand Paul) from the untenable position of having to support his father against the GOP's nominee, we can expect many of Ron Paul's supporters to bolt to the Libertarian Party and Constitution Party.

I would like to call my readers attention to two sobering facts. First of all, Mitt Romney will be the GOP nominee -- guaranteed. Second, Romney cannot beat Obama in the general election because Romney is a well known flip-flopper. His record on this is so bad that even fellow Republicans had no problem calling him out on it during the early primary race. The Democratic Party will savage him on this, and he will not recover. The only tool the Republicans have is to savage Obama on his record, and hopefully the "hate Obama" mentality will take enough hold to get people to vote against him. That alone is not enough to win an election. The Republicans will need help from Wall Street to finish the job. Another catastrophic stock market crash will be necessary to finish off Obama. Still, there are no guarantees, but if the economy goes in the crapper, the Republicans at least have a fighting chance. If that doesn't happen by October 15th. the Republicans are toast and Mitt Romney will join the ranks of Bob Dole and John McCain of presidential candidate has-beens.

Still, many of my readers know the system that produced this selection is a joke and are tired of participating in the "lesser of two evils" choice game. For once in their lives they would like to vote their conscience. For them I would like to propose they keep a close eye on the Constitution Party. The platform of this party is good, and should they nominate a credible candidate for the 2012 election, they will see a groundswell of support from dissaffected Evangelicals and Catholics sick of the Republican Party.


Life: For all human beings, from conception to natural death;

Liberty: Freedom of conscience and actions for the self-governed individual;

Family: One husband and one wife with their children as divinely instituted;

Property: Each individual's right to own and steward personal property without government burden;

Constitution: and Bill of Rights interpreted according to the actual intent of the Founding Fathers;

States' Rights: Everything not specifically delegated by the Constitution to the federal government, nor prohibited by the Constitution to the states, is reserved to the states or to the people;

American Sovereignty: American government committed to the protection of the borders, trade, and common defense of Americans, and not entangled in foreign alliances.

Read the CP's full platform here.


Confederate Papist said...

While I agree with your assessment TCK, regarding the tyrant's "re-election" and the distaste of many over "Rum-knee", I cannot believe that Tyrant Obama gets re-elected and here's why:

Remember the howling over $2.50~$3.00 per gallon of gas when W was tyrant? Now it's knocking on $4.00/gal (and over it already in many areas) and yet you hear jack crap about it! Obviously the media was fueling the fire (no pun intended) during the W years, but now they are silent.

If Tyrant Obama *really* cared about the poor, poor, pitiful poor, he'd do things to make it easier for the oil companies to drill, refine and produce gas. Did you know there are over 50 blends they have to produce, each according the the states' individual EPA's? That's blankin crazy! It's amazing gas is only $3.92/gal now...

High gas prices make food prices go up...and I'm not even referencing the BS ethanol mandate which is driving up the cost of corn...transportation expenses, farm expenses (fuel for the tractors and equipment), subsidies (to not grow...huh????), and other crazy socialist utopian policies enacted by both communist political parties, not to mention the re-writing of history and the demonisation of the Catholic Church, white people, heterosexuality, and just good moral character is what's driving the nails into the coffin that is known as the United States, Inc.

We need to strenghten our local parties, support our states, because when the hub that is DC de-materialises, all hell will break loose and we will have to rely on our own states' subsistence to survive and maintain natural order.

Whew...I'm done, I think...thanks for letting me vent my brother!

Deo Vindice!

GREG KELLY said...

CK: I can only present thoughts; material to point out the Catholic Vote has the viable option of Political Withdrawal; A Greater Trust in The Divine Mercy of Jesus in imitation of Saint Faustina.

Reminiscence said...

this is my first time visiting the site, so pardon me if there are things that I might be ignorant about, but I don't think this election is about Romney winning, and while looking at Romney's record, I don't feel that I can trust the guy, but with Obama being the alternative, only the dems will vote for him, and I still don't believe that going to the middle is the right way to win the elections, Obama has positioned himself in the extreme left that only his party will understand, and if he pick Christie or Rubio or Ryan for VP, he has a person that will unite the party but will not be able to be pick apart by the Obamamedia. Also, given the Promises that Obama made, I mean, the GOP can make the case for Obama promising dream Act, 2 years majority, never passed, deficit, the democrat controlled senate never passed a budget, and looking at liberal sites, I don't even feel the war on women rhetoric working, I feel that it is Obama who will unite the people against him more than romney will, but in my own idea, I really think we need to start to develop the party, and if possible create a Distributist wing in the GOP. that could help promote the idea, because if we can have a candidate that embrace the idea, like Ron Paul with libertarianism, we can really help our cause greatly,

Jonathan Prester said...

Sir Knight, I just wanted to throw in a generalized "thanks" for your various posts recently. From your thoughts on the exact time of the Crucifixion, through your discussion of Mormon henotheism, to your links over to the Hebrew Catholic site, this blog has been particularly fruitful and interesting of late. I suspect that I'll follow your lead and check the box for the Constitution Party.

The Catholic Knight said...

Thank you Jonathan.

NYCatholic said...

Excellent post. Tonight I got a phone call from a fellow Catholic who asked me if I would sign a petition for Nan Hayworth our Congressman who has a husband who performs abortions. I said NO! I said that I am not voting for someone who is not prolife and who changes NOTHING! Andrew Nap is right on target! No wonder he was fired from FOX aka Faux News. My fellow Catholic went on to tell me that we have to vote for the lessor of two evils. I said NO I will not participate. I will be sitting out elections if there are no real choices, I don't know if there ever will be in my lifetime. I found this site last week and you Catholic Knight & I are on the same wavelength. God Bless You!

Anonymous said...


Stop Spending.
Pray to God

Anonymous said...

CF makes a good point - if gas prices are high in October, the O may have a big problem on hois hands. Hence, that is why he is so desperate to prevent an attack on Iran until post-election.

Anonymous said...

Mr Knight, you have called it correctly for November. Romney is just another ploy in the hands of the two party system to push America closer to socialism. ROmney's flip flops alone will doom his pitiful efforts to unseat Soetoro. Not even GOP control of both houses will do the trick. As others have said only a major blunder (which i dont rule out) or some sort of crisis could tip the balance to the GOP, but we will still be faced with the same thinly disguised liberalism, just as it was under GWB. Pete Frey

Donna Leone said...

I am troubled by your suggestion to readers to possibly vote 3rd party. If 4 more years under President Obama spells disaster for this country, then everyone who believes this must unite together against him in November. We cannot afford to split the anti-Obama vote... you saw how this worked against Gingrich and Santorum!

I am from Massachusetts. I voted for Romney in the primary election... so did practically every I know. Romney is a solid man.

As for Mormonism, so what? Out of 44 presidents, there has only been ONE Catholic president to date, and he was mediocre - at best! We have had some great presidents - not one of them Catholic.

I beg of you - please don't encourage your readers to consider voting for someone other than Romney, or else we WILL be stuck with Obama for 4 more years. The thought frightens me.

Anonymous said...

Paul may drop out of view after the Tampa convention, but that is assuming that Romney comes out the nominee. Paul's delegate strategy is working. The mainstream media, and radio talkers, are clueless on the process and all of the projections on delegates are dead wrong. It is almost laughable that choose to be so misinformed about the process - or lamentable that they are so devious to mislead.

Don't give up hope on Paul. This is a long battle and while the Establishment is toasting victory in their encampment, the patriots are circling their ranks and closing in. Have faith and get yourself to your primary to support Dr. Paul as there still a few remaining. The wheels of the caucuses are already in motion. Now we pray and support those who are doing the battle.

If this does not work in our are welcome to break ranks and join the army of disenchantment. If I did not hold an official party position I would do the same.


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